Thursday, October 2, 2008

Keep Your Photographs in a Safe Place

You probably have at least a few treasured images by now.
It is important that these photos be kept in a safe place where you can access them easily.

Pictures fade and can deteriorate over time. After having a computer to crash, and cd-roms to malfunction, I was desperate for a better way to safeguard my photos.

I started using a flash drive until it was full. Before I went to storing on the external hard drive, I found Heritage Makers.

Now I do not have to tote anything around. I have access to my photos anytime and everywhere I go. My family even can go online to my account and download photos which are the same quality (usually 300 dpi) that I uploaded.

Now when I fill my digital camera, I create an album and upload the jpegs, and I have an Premier account which includes unlimited storage. You can scan old photos and upload them by category. You can start your own basic account password protected for free today. Just go to Heritage Makers. Click on the link at the top right that says "Sign up for free." Activate your account and add photos right from your computer.

We will discuss how to stay organized as you research your family history. How many of us have photos just laying around without captions? I received this photo of my grandfather, Emory Wallace Vance, from my cousin Bill who just recently passed away. He went through all his photos and gave them to extended family who would recognize them and cherish them. I had never seen this photo before. My grandfather was a banker. He is walking downtown Columbia, South Carolina. I do not know the year.

The photo had faded and was damaged and had white spots. I taught myself how to restore photos and have since used this picture in the book, "Brought Home by a Story."

Photo restoration is very costly. I know people who have spent a fortune. As an incentive to you, when you sign up for you free basic Heritage Makers account, I will restore one of your damaged photos for free and provide you with a 300 dpi jpeg. Just attach the photo to an email. My special E-mail address: