Monday, October 13, 2008

Digitize Historical Documents

Now that you have begun the PAF 5.2 family history software database, you can digitize all the obituaries, birth and death certificates, and any type resource that you have to document your ancestor.
These resources can be scanned and linked to the individual in your PAF file. I upload copies of all my documents in my Heritage Makers account where they are safe and easy to locate. When I put together parts of my family history for publishing, all I need to do is drag these documents and pictures and drop them onto the pages of the books. This way posterity can have the thrill of seeing the document along with the photos and history at the same time.

Digitized records also be easily linked to each individual they reference in the PAF file. You can watch a short demo on how to link photos and documents to PAF from PAF Tutorial. Just click on the demo next to multimedia on the left side of the page: CLICK HERE